Monday, August 24, 2015

3D Origami Swan

This is the beginning of  my experience in origami,to be exact in modular origami or 3d origami.Origami swan is a very common theme in origami 3d and is not hard to do.They are made from small triangles of paper,an A4 sheet is 32 triangles.
My origami swans are made from 380-550 triangles pieces .
3d origami pieces

and here is some of my origami swan,they are ideal for original special gifts or for  decorations for special events:

3D Origami Swan

3D Origami Swan

I will do tutorials later, when i have time.There are many tutorials on youtube just search for origami swan or origami 3d swan.
I want to thanks all who have posted tutorials on youtube and i am sorry for my bad english.

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