Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3D Origami fruit basket tutorial

Hello ,

                      I want to introduce another model Origami3d origami fruit basket , this 3d origami model  consists of about 3000 pieces.
                      Origami 3d basket is 25 cm diameter and 9 cm tall and is made of around 1100 pieces.Pieces are made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of 5.2-3.6cm(1/32) and took me about 16 hours to finish.
                      3D Origami fruit are  made of around 170-500  pieces .Pieces are made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of 3.8-2.7cm( 1/64) and took me about 24 hours all.

3D Origami fruit basket :

3D Origami fruit:

  The tutorial of this 3D Origami fruit basket : : How to make 3D Origami fruit basket :
             If you are a beginner here you have the links to : How to make 3d origami pieces
                                                                                      How to make 3d origami base 

I hope you liked my 3D origami  fruit basket.

                    I recommend you to glue each piece of the 3d origami  model for it to resist in time and also I recommend that you to  protect the models from dust using either a window, a glass or plastic bell ,plastic bags.... Also another method to protect from dust is to use a  protective lacquer.
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  1. Astonishing work. I've never seen anything like it. Congratulations.
    Thanks also for dropping by and following my blog. Much appreciated.

  2. Just awesome. I wish I had the patience and talent for Origami. Kudos to you!

  3. Absolutely stunning. I would love to try something like this. What technique are you using? Could you provide a link, book reference or instructions?

  4. Ok, you can forget the previous question. I found a site that has instructions on what appears to be this method:


    I'm looking forward to trying this!

  5. Stunning, thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you very much,with pleasure


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