Monday, August 24, 2015

How to Make 3D Origami Pieces

            This article is about the beginnings of the  3D origami art ,and it starts with folding of 3d  origami  pieces ,3d origami pieces are very important and I advise you to pay special care and patience in their folding.If 3D origami pieces are made correctly when their connection is easy and models will be very beautiful .
              We'll start with the paper ,  I usually use normal printer paper A4 (297mm / 210mm)          80 grams / square meter thick  but sometimes I use other types of paper such as paper wrapping  gift.
I know that in some states it is hard to find A4 format but you can use other formats ,it is very important to keep the ratio between length and width of sheet  paper, you must have a ratio around 1,4(1,37-1,43) and for this you can cut a small strip of paper to obtain this ratio.
 If you want to learn more about 3d origami paper ,here you have a link:       3D origami paper 
3d origami paper rectancles

    In the following tutorial you will  learn how to  cut the paper and how to make 3d origami pieces ,please remember that all 3d origami pieces  size are made in the same way the only difference is the dimension of the  paper  rectangle  .   I advise you to use for cutting the paper knife  or a blunt knife.

       Here is the tutorial : How to make 3d origami pieces 1.

From this tutorial you will obtain a 3d origami piece just like the left side piece
3d origami pieces

You can easily see that the 3d origami piece is very sharp and  does not look very good ,fortunately there is a very rapid process of turning sharp pieces on the left in very nice round shape piece from the right side.

You can learn how to transform sharp pieces in nice round 3d origami pieces at the end of the next  tutorial :
                                    How to Make 3D Origami Pieces 2

and in this tutorial you can learn aother method to make 3d origami piece and how to keep 3d origami pieces.

3d origami pieces

I recommend using these round shape 3d origami piece because  their connection is easy and models will be very beautiful .
In closing I will  repeat how important it is to make quality 3d origami pieces, please do not rush learn to make 3d origami pieces correctly and the folding speed of the piece will increase over time with the development of dexterity.You can make this 3d origami piece when: watching TV , on the phone, play music ,you travel....   .


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