Friday, December 14, 2012

3D Origami King Cobra

Hello ,

                  Today I want to introduce a new model origami 3d , Origami 3D  King Cobra is a very nice model and can be a very nice gift for the holidays.This model is inspired from a video uploaded on youtube of Lapis Lazuli.

                3D Origami  King Cobra is made of over 1,000 pieces and is pretty hard to do.

3D Origami  King Cobra:

I hope you liked my Origami 3D  King Cobra .

I recommend all origami as : a hobby and for gift ideas , handmade crafts can be ideal for a unique gift for anyone and for any event.

Many thanks to Lapis Lazuli. Sorry for my English and happy holidays.


  1. Foarte frumos pacat k nu ai si un tutorial sa arati cum se face :)

  2. Multumesc, am sa fac tutoriale la toate modelele, dar v-a mai dura ceva timp.


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