Tuesday, December 15, 2015

3d Origami rose painting


        I want to introduce a new model 3d origami, 3d Origami rose painting Is 23 cm wide and 16 height and is made in total from around 1330 pieces,white around 520 ,red 240 ,light green 120,dark green 79 and mangenta 370 pieces .Pieces are made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of 3.6-2.7cm.( you will obtain 64 pieces from an a 4 piece of paper).
               This 3d origami model took me about 17 hours to finish and I use normal printer paper 80 g/sm. 

3d Origami rose painting:
 3d Origami rose painting

 The tutorial of this  3d Origami rose painting : How to make 3d origami rose painting

           If you are a beginner here you have the links to : How to make 3d origami pieces

                                                                                         How to make 3d origami base 

  I hope you liked my 3d Origami rose painting.

                   I recommend you stick each piece of the model for it to resist in time and also I recommend that you to  protect the models from dust using either a window, a glass or plastic bell ,plastic bags.... Also another method to protect from dust is to use a  protective lacquer.
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                  I recommend to all origami as : a hobby and for gift ideas , handmade crafts can be ideal for a unique gift for anyone.

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