Thursday, May 9, 2013

3d Origami basket with flower

Hello  ,

                I want to introduce another model Origami 3d basket with flower , this 3d origami model  is completely different from the other models i made,is  19 cm high, 24 cm wide and  this model is made from around 390 dark brown ,around 713 light brown 3d origami pieces ,pieces are made from rectangles of paper with dimensions of     5.2-3.6cm(32 /A4) and 42 light brown small pieces 3.6-2.6cm (64 /A4)and took me about 16 hours to finish.

3d Origami  basket with flower:

Here is the tutorial for 3d Origami  basket with flower - How to make 3d Origami  basket  part1
                                                                                        - How to make 3d origami Basket part2 

Origami Flowers are made ​​after a model by Krystyna Burczyk .The roses are made from 5 square piece of paper with dimension 9-10 cm.
             Here is the tutorial for origami rose :  How to make 3d origami rose

I hope you liked my Origami 3d basket with flower   .

                      I recommend you stick each piece of the model for it to resist in time and also I recommend that you to  protect the models from dust using either a window, a glass or plastic bell ,plastic bags.... Also another method to protect from dust is to use a  protective lacquer.
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I recommend all origami as : a hobby and for gift ideas , hand made crafts can be ideal for a unique gift for anyone.


  1. It's beautiful.The basket is a very fine.You have a lot of patience.This is a good start for the video.Personally, I've never tried.Good luck.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh, I would love to learn that art, but the time factor counts against me and I can not say if I only had time, because if is an illusion. Will follow your blog and accept the fact that I will be jealous.

  3. It is never too late to learn, it is not very difficult, requires patience and a little dexterity.
    Thank you very much for visiting and for the kind words.

  4. This is beautiful! I would love to try it as well - could you please put either a pattern on your blog, or a tutorial video on You Tube with how to make this?

  5. Thank you ,it will take a wile since i will reach with tutorials at this model(unfortunately lasts much longer than I expected to do tutorials)

  6. I understand. As far as making the tutorials, you might want to look around on YouTube; there may be "faster" ways of making a compact tutorial, that is less verbally intensive, and focuses on the visuals with text instructions overlaid. Just a thought! I'm not video savvy, but I am visually oriented. :-)

  7. The problem is not to do the video, the problem is to made ​​the pieces
    because it lasts long enough to make hundreds of them and I work to new models too ,and free time is limited.

  8. hi your origami work is great i was wandering doe you have the tutorial for making the basket of 19 cm high, 24 cm wide there is no video on your channel about it could you please do its picture by picture tutorial on our blog pleas


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